Om Indlægget

Implant dentistry through 30 years in our clinic has proven to be both challenging, successful and most definitely full of pitfalls. The lecture will show common and somewhat uncommon complications, mainly from the surgical perspective, and how this has effected the treatment outcome. Moreover, it will try to implement the experience from extensive failing into knowledge for increasing probability for successful treatment outcomes.


Eirik Aasland Salvesen

Specialist in Periodontology

Dr. Eirik Aasland Salvesen is a periodontist working out of Stavanger, Norway. He received his DDS degree in 1999 and achieved his Specialist status in Periodontology in 2007 from the University of Bergen, Norway. Dr. Salvesen is a partner at TSMG Madlagården and TSMG Hinna Park (smildeal.no), where he serves as the Director of the TSMG Specialists and the TSMG Academy. He works part time as a supervisor at the specialist program at the University of Bergen.

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