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Thomas Geuken

I am a state certified clinical and leadership psychologist

I have evolved into a professional keynote speaker, an author and an expert in strategic futures studies. Why? Because future studies provides you with the ability ‘to see’ the big picture differently, to use ‘curiosity’ to design alternative scenarios and to find solutions to collectively shared problems.

I do love to think creatively and to speak about future trends of culture, eduction, business, work, leadership and organisations. ‘Scientific curiosity’ and moments of collective epiphany is my ‘reason of being’ a speaker and educator.

I did speak at ‘TEDx talks’ about:

1) Bringing ideas in to action
2) How to create natural spark in organizations
3) Ground breaking creativity
4) Management Innovations

I also had the pleasure to speak at the American Chambers of Commerce in New York about: Disruptive Management for Disruptive Managers – in regards to, how CEO’s best liberate Management from its’ prison?

For the last 15 years, I have had the privilege to be doing a lot of leadership keynotes in Scandinavia/EU and occasionally in US.

My first book “All Dressed Up – But Nowhere To Go”, co-written with Gitte Larsen, became a Scandinavian landmark book. It was a critical future analysis of the state of our markets, industries and company models. It gave voice to an entire generation of startups disillusioned by the “crash of dot.com”. It offers an alternative organisational framework and shows, how passionate leaders could reignite their business by turning idealism, culture and progressive social awareness into huge commercial success.

On an edgy note – I did write a super cool and colourful book about what all managers need to know about how rockbands work. Rock ‘n’ roll leadership is addressing our future business issues at hand in a completely new and exciting way. It has a different approach to leadership and organisational design.

Over the past fifteen years, I have authored, or been interviewed for, 30+ articles about the future, leadership, psychology, creativity and the art of business and other fascinating topics.

As a c-suit educator, I have had the pleasure to work as a strategic advisor for companies such as Google, Volvo, IKEA Globale, Leo Burnett, Novo Nordisk, PWC, Deloitte, Nordea, COWI, Chambers of Commerce (US), Art Councils, United Nations Development Programs, Sony, Nordisk Film, TV2, Danish Broadcasting, University of Copenhagen & Århus, RUC, Business Academies & Colleges, Rigshospitalet, Regional Health services, 60+ municipalities and as a “special strategic advisor” for governments.

I have the distinct honour of being Associated Director at Copenhagen Institute for futures studies (https://cifs.dk/people/thomas-geuken/) and have been a CEO of a landmark leadership psychology consulting company in Denmark. And to be completely honest I do miss my former co-ownership of a music-studio and production-company in the 90’s. But did recently co-founded and invested in a small indy game development studio making a smash hit combining art and tech. I do love these “artful services”, hence is has a binary win/lose commercial logic – strange yet beautiful in its’ purest form.

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