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Implant dentistry is facing many challenges. Not in least we need to find an answer to the question on how we can make oral implants last for a lifetime. To answer this question we need to take into consideration various aspects of implant surgery and prosthodontics.

From a surgical point of view, with the use of current oral implants designs and surface topography, we can almost take osseointegration for granted. Albeit, implant surgeries will frequently go hand in hand with staged or simultaneous bone and soft tissue augmentation procedures. The best documented surgical procedure for dealing with an impaired bone quantity is ‘Guided Bone Regeneration’ (GBR). When addressing horizontal augmentation, results have been reported comparable with those of implants placed in pristine bone.

Nevertheless, the outcome of GBR procedures frequently hides in the attention to detail. But what if the devil shows himself?

This presentation will focus on techniques to enhance the outcome of augmentation procedures.


Prof. Dr. Andy Timmerman


Prof. Dr. Andy Temmerman graduated, cum laude, as a dentist (DDS) in 2007 at the University of Ghent in Belgium. In the same year he started the post-graduate education in Periodontology at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium.


In 2010, he graduated as an ‘EFP certified’ periodontologist (MSc).

Since 2009, he works in a private clinic (ParoPlus, Aalst). This clinic focusses totally on periodontology and implant dentistry


In May 2017, he defended his PhD thesis entitled: “Impaired Bone Quality & Quantity and Oral Implants: An evaluation of Treatment Strategies”.


In 2018, he was appointed Associate Professor at the Department of Periodontology, having an educational undergraduate task in head/neck anatomy and a postgraduate educational task in periodontology and implant dentistry.


Prof. Dr. Temmerman frequently lectures nationally and internationally.

He is (co-)author of 30+ scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and several Chapters in textbooks.

In 2015 he received the price for “Best Abstract” during the EAO-meeting in Rome. In 2016,

he received the price for best presentation during the EAO-meeting Stockholm.


His research focusses on CADCAM augmentation procedures, optimizing surgical techniques and various other topics in oral implantology and periodontology.


He is part of the educational committee of the EAO (European Association for Osseointegration), part of the educational committee of the BVP (Belgian Society for Periodontology), treasurer of the BVOI (Belgian Society for Oral Implantology), ITI fellow and study club director for ITI Flanders.

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