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The main factor for soft and hard tissue healing is the speed and quality of new vascularization.

There are numerous factors that are able to stimulate angiogenesis as growth factors, proteins and hormones. The PRF technique (Platelet Rich Fibrin) releases growth factors regularly and constantly during one week and provides also extra cellular matrix proteins as Fibrin, Collagen IV, Elastin, Thrombospondin, and Fibronectin. With a good stimulation of vessels growth.

Since the beginning of platelet concentrates until today, the role of white cells was often neglected and origin of several controversies. We defended the concept of white cells since the beginning, without scientific evidence.

Actually, there is a considerable evidence that the white cells and specially monocytes and granulocytes are playing a major role in new angiogenesis and bone growth.

It’s the reason why we decided to change the PRF™ protocol: to improve the white cells amount.

The objective was to induce BMPs production from the white cells. Today we can say that we produce BMPs with the Advanced PRF™. But we collect also endothelial cells and stems cells.

We had another objective: It was to find an alternative to the PRP and PRGF injectable, with the white cells concept and with the avoiding of any manipulation or any additive product. It’s the concept of the new i-PRF. Injectable but produced without anticoagulants nor additive product. This i-PRF clots after injection.


Joseph Chokroun

Dentist and Anestheiologist

Joseph CHOUKROUN received his MD diploma in 1979 at Montpellier, France
Specialist in Anesthesiology in 1981, University of Montpellier
Fellowship of  Pain Clinic , University of Strasbourg
Chief of staff  of the Private Pain Clinic , Nice
President and creator of the SYFAC, international symposium on growth factors, Nice
Inventor of the PRF technique
Author of several scientific and clinical papers for scientific journals
International speaker

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