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Tobacco smoking is associated with a wide range of well documented health risks including compromised wound healing. Studies on dental implants indicate a higher rate of early and late implant failures in smokers compared to non-smokers. Additionally, smoking is a risk factor for peri-implant marginal bone loss.

Nevertheless, knowledge on the mechanisms behind the deteriorating effects of smoking on Osseo-integration.

Our study in periodontitis susceptible patients found significantly larger loss of turned implants in smokers compared to never-smokers. Interestingly, no significant difference in implant survival or marginal bone loss was observed at oxidized surface in smokers and never-smokers. This implies that oxidized surface implants are more suitable for periodontitis susceptible smoking patients.


Sayadoust-Tabrizi Shariel

Dentist Ph.D

2011- PhD student, dep. Biomaterial Sciences University of Gothenburg. 2010-2013 Post graduation periodontology, Institute for postgrad. dental education Jönköping. 2000-2005 School of dentistry, University of Gothenburg.
Shariel Sayardoust, Kerstin Gröndahl, Eva Johansson, Peter Thomsen, and Christer Slotte. Implant Survival and Marginal Bone Loss at Turned and Oxidized Implants in Periodontitis-Susceptible Smokers and Never-Smokers.

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